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Montreal Part 2 (page 2/8)

[picture: Liam's orange hat]

Liam’s orange hat

I wore a bright orange hat at the conference. With gold bobbles.

[picture: Westin Lobby]

Westin Lobby

A chandelier in the hotel lobby. Serious decor.

[picture: Westin Bar]

Westin Bar

The hotel had a bar decorated to be Captain Nemo’s ship.

[picture: Hotel aquarium]

Hotel aquarium

Every hotel needs a dividing wall made of glass and full of fish. You can see the lobby behind the fish.

[picture: Hotel atrium]

Hotel atrium

Showing the fish-wall from the other side, together with the chandelier.

[picture: Patrick]


Out of focus but you can see that silly hats are all the rage at technical conferences.

[picture: Hotel Downstairs Bar]

Hotel Downstairs Bar

Bookcases, screens, periscopes, it’s a cross between 2,000 leagues under the sea and the game Myst.

[picture: Statue: Stone head with scales and fountain]

Statue: Stone head with scales and fountain

Water jets out of his mouth. He is in the hotel lobby.

[picture: Harmonica]


A wind instrument from another angle.

[picture: Singer Sewing Machine Treadle]

Singer Sewing Machine Treadle

Showing the word Singer in iron.

[picture: Hotel lobby chandelier from above]

Hotel lobby chandelier from above

A chandelier with attitude.

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