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Montreal Part 2 (page 3/8)

[picture: Orange lamp]

Orange lamp

A lamp in the Westin lobby.

[picture: Fish, precious!]

Fish, precious!

Fish in the aquarium with the hotel lobby behind

[picture: Fish, precious! 2]

Fish, precious! 2

Fish swimming in the hotel aquarium.

[picture: Captain Nemo's Wine Cupboard]

Captain Nemo’s Wine Cupboard

The doors open to reveal a wine rack in this Westin Hotel bar in Montreal.

[picture: Captain Nemo's Wine Cupboard 2]

Captain Nemo’s Wine Cupboard 2

with better lighting.

[picture: Porthole Mirror with Candle]

Porthole Mirror with Candle

A mirror on the wall in a meeting room of the Westin Hotel.

[picture: Porthole Mirror with Candle 2]

Porthole Mirror with Candle 2

A better shot but with darker lighting. A gothic ornament for the goth in us all.

[picture: Hotel atrium]

Hotel atrium

Showing the aquarium from the other side, and the top of the excessive chandelier.

[picture: Wrought iron through net curtains]

Wrought iron through net curtains

A texture from a window.

[picture: Patrick in a hat]

Patrick in a hat

Speaking at the GCA Extreme Markup conference.

[picture: patric in a hat 2]

patric in a hat 2

A closer view, but still blurred.

[picture: Closeup of my orange hat]

Closeup of my orange hat

I wore an orange hat at the conference. And yes, I padded about on bare feet.

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