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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 8/17)

[picture: Castle walls]

Castle walls

A windowed tower, with, in the foreground, ivy-covered battlements.

[picture: oops]


[scheduled for deletion]

[picture: Castle walls 2]

Castle walls 2

ivy-covered stone walls, a grassy slope, castle windows in an old stone wall.

[picture: Nice Stick]

Nice Stick

Probably the remains of a cross. Or maybe an altar to a male fertility god.

[picture: Defending the harbour]

Defending the harbour

Actually it looks like they are defending the litter bin [US: trash can] here!

[picture: Castle front]

Castle front

The front of the castle, with gothic windows, a Union flag, ivy covered battlements, and, in the foreground, a stone pineapple.

[picture: Castle wall with overhang]

Castle wall with overhang

A window in an overhanging chamber.

[picture: Bay window]

Bay window

A gothic window.

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