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2004/09 UK Holiday 1: Takeoff, Arrival, Manchester, Peak District (page 7/15)

[picture: hand-made brick wall 2]

hand-made brick wall 2

Different camera settings.

[picture: Church pew bench]

Church pew bench

A wooden bench, probably made from a church pew, or possibly from a great hall.

[picture: Church pew bench 2]

Church pew bench 2

Another view.

[picture: ornate carved chair]

ornate carved chair

I’d guess it was a 17th century carved wooden chair.

[picture: Anglo-saxon cross]

Anglo-saxon cross

A cross carved into one of the Bowstones, a shaft of an Anglo-saxon cross.

[picture: Anglo-saxon cross 2]

Anglo-saxon cross 2

Another view of the stone shaft, with the cross carved some time between A.D. 446 and A.D. 1150 (although these ones are late Saxon and hence more likely to be after, say, A.D. 900, some 1100 years ago). [more...]

[picture: Anglo-saxon cross 3]

Anglo-saxon cross 3

The plaque next to the ruined crosses reads as follows: [more...]

[picture: Anglo-saxon crosses 4]

Anglo-saxon crosses 4

The Bowstones, overall view.

[picture: View from the Bowstones 1]

View from the Bowstones 1

In the distance, over a low dry stone wall, you can see the city of Manchester. I am reminded of a scene in the book A Wizard of Earthsea in which Ged descends over the low stone wall into the city of the dead. [more...]

[picture: View from the Bowstones 2]
[picture: Dry stone wall with barbed wire]

Dry stone wall with barbed wire

Someone made a hasty attempt to repair this dry stone wall.

[picture: Dry stone wall with sunlight]

Dry stone wall with sunlight

My husband’s art photography class spent ages on how bad lens flares are, but the effect here is both interesting and symbolic. What lies beyond the wall? [more...]

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