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A Day at Rufford Old Hall (page 2/5)

[picture: Drinking Trough]

Drinking Trough

An old stone horse trough in the courtyard.

[picture: Rufford Old Hall: Courtyard]

Rufford Old Hall: Courtyard

People used to live and work here. [more...]

[picture: Pump]


A hand pump to bring water up from a well.

[picture: Regimented fuit tree]

Regimented fuit tree

It’s a pear tree, but it has been grown against the wall and forced to grow with the branches straight, a method that was certainly common in “big houses” in the 19th century and probably [...] [more...]

[picture: Regimented fruit tree 2]

Regimented fruit tree 2

Showing more of the courtyard and the old brick stables.

[picture: Old stone wall]

Old stone wall

A wall made of roughly-hewn rocks and mortar. Probably it’d repeat too quickly for use as a texture in a 3D program, unfortunately.

[picture: Antique bikes]

Antique bikes

A Penny-farthing (with one large wheel and one small) and a bone-shaker, in the barn at Rufford Old Hall, and photographed by permission.

[picture: Waspy pear]

Waspy pear

A pear still on the tree is eaten away by wasps.

[picture: Rufford Old hall: side view]

Rufford Old hall: side view

Tortured trees on a perfectly manicured lawn; a gravel path; a half-timbered (black-and-white) tudor building with leaded windows and a cupola. Totally Tudor manor house. There’s also a picture from the other side. [more...]

[picture: Rufford Old Hall: view with lens flares]

Rufford Old Hall: view with lens flares

The sunlight streaming down fell into my camera, but this gives a better view of the shape of the half-timbered part of the manor house.

[picture: Trees]


Ornamental trees in the garden at Rufford Old hall.

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