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A Day at Rufford Old Hall (page 3/5)

[picture: The brick bit]

The brick bit

A back courtyard with a tree and some less manicured plants surrounded (on two sides at least) by brick. The crennelations at the top are decorative, of course. [more...]

[picture: Ancient studded oak door]

Ancient studded oak door

A doorway into this tudor house, solid oak studded with nails, a style that went out of fashion some 400 or more years ago.

[picture: Ancient studded oak door 2]

Ancient studded oak door 2

Front-on view of the old wooden door.

[picture: Susie]


My older sister’s daughter is also my niece. As you’d expect. She had just graduated from Cambridge that year.

[picture: ]

[picture: Tree Mouse]

Tree Mouse

A tree that’s been pruned and trimmed into the shape of a mouse: topiary! The tree is probably yew or box.

[picture: Purple-white flowers with yellow bits]

Purple-white flowers with yellow bits

Some flowers, a close-up.

[picture: Rufford Old Hall]

Rufford Old Hall

The quintessential English manor house and garden! Black-and-white Tudor beams, windows with diamond leading and mullions, decorative barge boards (US: gingerbread), a cupola, tiled roof, gravel path and of course the sort of English country garden that looks like it just happened there but actually takes a team of full-time gardeners to keep it looking [...] [more...]

[picture: Apple Orchard]

Apple Orchard

Apple trees provide a little shade and, of course, ingredients for food products. I like the pattern the shadows of the branches makes on the grass. [more...]

[picture: Park bench]

Park bench

Wrought iron ends and wooden slats, with a neatly trimmed box hedge all round it making, well, a box.

[picture: Poppy]


A close-up of a poppy in long grass, with daisies nearby.

[picture: Poppy 2]

Poppy 2

A close-up of a poppy in long grass, with daisies nearby.

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