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A Day at Rufford Old Hall (page 4/5)

[picture: Cornflower (maybe?)]

Cornflower (maybe?)

A blue flower seen close up.

[picture: Shady walk]

Shady walk

A path with overhanging branches makes an inviting walk, in the gardens behind Rufford Old Hall. The sunlight and shadows make patterns along the path. [more...]

[picture: ]

[picture: Tudor woodwork: wall]

Tudor woodwork: wall

The Tudor house is supported by beams held together with pins.

[picture: Tudor woodwork: window]

Tudor woodwork: window

Showing the pins and also the leaded window: the diagonal lines are from strips of lead. There’s also a modern glass window over the outside of this, presumably both for insulation and protection. [more...]

[picture: Tudor woodwork: window (detail)]
[picture: Bay Window]

Bay Window

By the 16th century the need for fortification was greatly reduced, and for the first time you start to see houses with large windows facing outwards. [more...]

[picture: Carved wooden detail]

Carved wooden detail

A carving above a doorway, or filling in a gap somewhere. I suspect the picture should be rotated to the animal’s feet are underneath it, and it was over a door. [more...]

[picture: 1662]


This was a date on the brick part of the house. Presumably the twin-headed eagle was the Rufford crest.

[picture: Brick wall]

Brick wall

Brick wall texture: hand-made 17th century bricks.

[picture: Old down-pipe]

Old down-pipe

A cast iron (probably) down-pipe, with a spout to collect the water that runs off the roof; it has a crest on it.

[picture: Bush with red berries]

Bush with red berries

Japonica? I’m not sure.

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