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A Trip to Tokyo (page 5/6)

[picture: Japanese Temple]

Japanese Temple

The temple is the building in the background.

[picture: Pokari Sweat]

Pokari Sweat

Everyone loves a good drink of Pokari Sweat.

[picture: SGML]


Unusual to see a storefront advertising SGML these days.

[picture: Painful sculpture]

Painful sculpture

The large naked woman holds her child and stands with her bare feet on the naked man who lies down beneath her.

[picture: Akihabara]


This is (I think) on the edge of Akihabara, the district of Tokyo with all the electronics stores. In the rain.

[picture: Akihabara 2]

Akihabara 2

More electronics stores in the rain.

[picture: Akihabara 3]

Akihabara 3

A neat bridge with lanterns.

[picture: Big Echo 1]

Big Echo 1

Taken for a friend.

[picture: Big Echo 2]

Big Echo 2

With contrast correction.

[picture: Near Akihabara]

Near Akihabara

I don’t remember the name of this nearby district, with little market stalls everywhere.

[picture: Tokyo Subway]

Tokyo Subway

A glimpse of the platform.

[picture: Japanese restaurant]

Japanese restaurant

The hotel restaurant had lots of teapots on display.

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