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March/April 2006 - Redwood City, America (page 3/6)

[picture: diary of despair 2]

diary of despair 2

A photo of some calligraphy I did quickly, as an experiment, to make a goth-style angsty banner for a blog.

[picture: Ornate door]

Ornate door

A blurry picture of a pair of ornate doors leading to an Indian restaurant in Redwood City, California, America. I kept it because it’d maybe make a good backdrop for someone doing photomanipulation, if they put people [...] [more...]

[picture: Ornate door 2]

Ornate door 2

With different settings the doors are less blurry. They definitely look oriental, and since it’s an Indian restaurant that’s appropriate.

[picture: Palm trees]

Palm trees

One of us studied at Stanford, and wanted to go back there, so we did.

[picture: Stanford University Campus]

Stanford University Campus

The buildings are all a yellowish brown.

[picture: David photographs me]

David photographs me

[further details pending permission, but it’s a great smile]

[picture: The Hoover Tower]

The Hoover Tower

I hope I have the name right. Boy, it’s suggestive.

[picture: History]


A bust on the side of a building on Stanford University Campus.

[picture: Cloisters]


Some modern cloisters (1900 – 1930, I’m not sure exactly) on Stanford University campus.

[picture: Cloisters 2]

Cloisters 2

Some modern cloisters (1900 – 1930, I’m not sure exactly) on Stanford University campus.

[picture: Eagle of the Empire]

Eagle of the Empire

I’m not certain which eagle this is, but it’s possibly the Roman Empire eagle, symbol of dominion and death, rather than the German Eagle, symbol of dominion and death, but most [...] [more...]

[picture: Eagle of the Empire 2]

Eagle of the Empire 2

There’s a clue about which empire under the eagle...

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