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A Trip To Edinburgh (page 10/14)

[picture: Statue: David Hume]

Statue: David Hume

This is (I think) David Hume, the Sceptic.

I’m told it’s just ourtside Lawnmarket, the High Court.

[picture: Statue: David Hume 2]

Statue: David Hume 2

Showing his toes up large.

I’m told it’s just ourtside Lawnmarket, the High Court.

[picture: Church]


St. Giles Church, Edinburgh

[picture: Caution: Rising Bollard]

Caution: Rising Bollard

That would worry me too.

[picture: Edinburgh Courtyard]

Edinburgh Courtyard

I no longer remember exactly where this was; possible just north of Princes’ Street. There is some sculpture here. There are many small shrubs here. There are exits on all sides. [more...]

[picture: Edinburgh Evening]

Edinburgh Evening

With the castle in the distance.

[picture: Narrow cobbled alleyway]

Narrow cobbled alleyway

A narrow side-street with cobble-stones and steps and lampposts. All very atmospheric.

[picture: Anchor Close]

Anchor Close

ANCHOR CLOSE [more...]

[picture: Anchor Close 2]

Anchor Close 2

Anther view.

[picture: TransReal Fiction]

TransReal Fiction

A bookshop with an interesting name.

[picture: Memorial]


The text here reads:

Many martyrs and covenanters Died for the Protestant faith on this spot

[picture: Hotel]


I think the thing on the left is the hotel where I stayed, the SAS Radisson. I’m not sure.

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