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A Trip To Edinburgh (page 12/14)

[picture: Over There 2]

Over There 2

This may have been the view from the hotel, actually, but not my window.

[picture: Chimneypots]


A whole row of chimney-pots

[picture: Buildings]


Another evening thingy with a spire.

[picture: Pantastic Impractical Clothes Shop]

Pantastic Impractical Clothes Shop

It was closed, which certainly made it impractical.

[picture: Bit of the castle]

Bit of the castle

A castle outbuilding

[picture: Edinburgh Castle from the Other Side]

Edinburgh Castle from the Other Side

This is the less photogenic view.

[picture: Cow]


OK, it’s a fake cow.

[picture: Molecular Cow]

Molecular Cow

Another sculpture of a cow.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle at night]

Edinburgh Castle at night

With blur, sorry.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle at night 2]

Edinburgh Castle at night 2

They light it up. Or, it’s an illuminated castle, as the posh people say.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle at night 3]
[picture: Dark Horse]

Dark Horse

A picture of a black horse sculpture taken at night.

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