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A Trip To Edinburgh (page 5/14)

[picture: Naked youth on a horse]

Naked youth on a horse

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, although anything with a naked (barefoot!) man can’t be all bad, right? I don’t think the horse enjoyed it. And they probably had to [...] [more...]

[picture: Edinburgh from the castle]

Edinburgh from the castle

Looking out from the battlements. The tunnel in the centre foreground is for the railway—I imagine the medieval castle was designed so that the occupants could easily see if the trains were runnig on time. [...] [more...]

[picture: Edinburgh from the castle 2]
[picture: Edinburgh from the castle 3]
[picture: Edinburgh from the castle 4]

Edinburgh from the castle 4

This didn’t come out quite as well as I’d hoped, I wanted a bit less of the castle battlements and more of the view, but it’s still interesting. [more...]

[picture: Edinburgh from the castle 5]

Edinburgh from the castle 5

Looking into the city. I think that’s probably Princess Street.

[picture: Waiting for the enemy]

Waiting for the enemy

Looking down the barrel of a gun (a medieval cannon) out to sea, between the battlements at Edinburgh Castle.

[picture: Modern cannon]

Modern cannon

This piece of artillery fires I think at sunset and sunrise, or possibly on the hour. Here it is seen against the backdrop of the castle battlements and the water and distant hills. [more...]

[picture: Post box]

Post box

It doesn’t exactly blend in, but don’t worry, it’s not an alien creature coming to take over the planet. It’s a post box, for posting letters, and they are all over the UK. [more...]

[picture: Castle tower]

Castle tower

Round tower and battlements of Edinburgh Castle and its fortifications.

[picture: Castle chapel from the outside]

Castle chapel from the outside

Or possibly the great hall.

[picture: canon ready to fire]

canon ready to fire

Actually not really ready, there’s no poweder. The brazier above the wall was probably a beacon, but I don’t know for sure.

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