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A Trip To Edinburgh (page 7/14)

[picture: Stained glass window in the chapel of St. Margaret]

Stained glass window in the chapel of St. Margaret

Medieval window with more recent stained glass depicting a monk or priest wearing a purple robe and carrying a staff. Or maybe it’s from when Gandalf visited Scotland? [more...]

[picture: blurry caption]

blurry caption

All I can read is the name of the church, and I knew that. I think it possibly says, The St. Margaret Altar Cloth. [more...]

[picture: Stained glass window in the chapel of St. Margaret 2]

Stained glass window in the chapel of St. Margaret 2

Another of Douglas Strachan’s stained glass windows from 1922; I think this one is of St. Andrew, who died on an X-shaped cross.

[picture: Saint Margaret's Chapel: the sanctuary]

Saint Margaret’s Chapel: the sanctuary

Showing the altar and its cloth, and also the Norman arch. The work was probably done in or around 1124; semi-circular arches with multiple layers of zig-zags or chevrons are very distinctive, a style used in the Norman period. This is the quintessential Norman Arch. The window behind the altar is presumably St. Margaret, and is by Douglas Strachan. [...] [more...]

[picture: Saint Margaret's Chapel: The Sign]

Saint Margaret’s Chapel: The Sign


[picture: Edinburgh from inside the castle]

Edinburgh from inside the castle

Not a good picture, but the subject is interesting at least.

[picture: Tudor casement window]

Tudor casement window

An old casement window (no idea if it’s acually Tudor) with paneled walls. The angle is because the walls are thick, of course.

[picture: Coat of armour]

Coat of armour

A suit of armour [US: armor?] ready to be worn. Probably 17th century but that’s a guess on my part. Behind it, a sword-rack.

[picture: Carved ceiling of the Great Hall]

Carved ceiling of the Great Hall

The roof has solid rafters supported by carved stone corbels. The walls are painted a deep rich red.

[picture: Coat of armour 2]

Coat of armour 2

Another attempt, but still blurry.

[picture: Key]


An old key in a glass case.

[picture: Seat by the window]

Seat by the window

The stained glass window is dated 1689.

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