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A Trip To Edinburgh (page 9/14)

[picture: Sunset over Edinburgh 4]

Sunset over Edinburgh 4

Looking West/North-West.

[picture: Sunset over Edinburgh 5]

Sunset over Edinburgh 5

more of that evening stuff.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle Round Tower]

Edinburgh Castle Round Tower

The castle is under attack by a post box, or “pillar box” belonging to the Royal mail.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle Round Tower 2]
[picture: Castle Exit]

Castle Exit

The arch leading out of the castle, with the portcullis visible.

[picture: Castle Exit 2]

Castle Exit 2

The castle portcullis is in focus here, but there’s a peasant in the way.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle Entrance]

Edinburgh Castle Entrance

An archway bathed in light. The people are appearing from another solar system. The portcullis is visible, as is a heavy studded wooden door. You can get these doors in Canada at [...] [more...]

[picture: Edinburgh Castle Entrance 2]

Edinburgh Castle Entrance 2

It was being photographed.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle Entrance 3]

Edinburgh Castle Entrance 3

Showing the armorial crest above the gate.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle Entrance 4]
[picture: Stone wall]

Stone wall

Part of Edinburgh Castle walls.

[picture: Edinburgh Castle Entrance 5]

Edinburgh Castle Entrance 5

Showing the cobbled path, but with people in it again.

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