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Trip to Paris (page 4/7)

[picture: Pantheon]


By day, from the other side.

[picture: Pantheon 2]

Pantheon 2

It’s dangerous to stand in the middle of the road like this.

[picture: Grated window]

Grated window

A small window with an iron shitter and iron bars. I wouldn’t like to live in the prison cell that might be on the other side!

[picture: Le Pot de Terre]

Le Pot de Terre

A restaurant in paris. I think I liked the building behind it.

[picture: radiator cap]

radiator cap

Er, I think I took it as part of a discussion about cameras.

[picture: Park]


The park actually contains Roman buildings, or the remains of them, and the Museum of the Modern Age.

[picture: French Roof]

French Roof

Blurry French roof.

[picture: Bridge to Notre Dame]

Bridge to Notre Dame

I wish I’d held the camera level, though.

[picture: Buildings by the river]

Buildings by the river

Opposite the cathedral.

[picture: Toilettes and a lamp-post]

Toilettes and a lamp-post

A sign on an ornate lamppost.

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