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An Afternoon in Oxford (page 3/7)

[picture: Oxford crowds 2]

Oxford crowds 2

Somehow the crowd here looks different because of the contrast with the ancient buildings in the background.

[picture: Oxford graveyard]

Oxford graveyard

A cemetary in the centre of the town. The pigeons like it. It’s a small haven of rest in a bustling world, in the shade of a tree.

[picture: Tomb of the Unknown Scholar]

Tomb of the Unknown Scholar

Well, actually I don’t know who is buried here. I can make out “CHARD” (presumably for Richard) and “EMMA”. This is probably either in the cemetary [...] [more...]

[picture: Another Oxford Street]

Another Oxford Street

Probably Magdalen Street East, in which case the buildings are part of Balliol College. The “no entry” sign applies to the street, not to the college, of course! [more...]

[picture: Broad Street, Oxford]

Broad Street, Oxford

The circular building is the Sheldonian Theatre.

[picture: Broad Street, Oxford]

Broad Street, Oxford

Debenhan’s is a UK department store chain.

[picture: College Door]

College Door

If you recognise it, let me know where it is (liam at hooloweb dot not; mention the colour of your socks in the Subject line to get past my filters) [more...]

[picture: Stone dragon architectural ornament]

Stone dragon architectural ornament

This isn’t really a corbel, since it doesn’t support anything as far as I can see, and it also isn’t a gargoyle, but it is a lot of fun. [more...]

[picture: Balliol College Courtyard]

Balliol College Courtyard

A glimpse into the outer courtyard, and, through the second gate, an inner courtyard beyond, of this Oxford College. A quiet place to study, with a perfectly smooth lawn. [more...]

[picture: Broad Street Panorama]

Broad Street Panorama

A multi-shot panorama taken in Broad Street, Oxford, and featuring the Sheldonian Theatre.

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