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An Afternoon in Oxford (page 4/7)

[picture: Sheldonian Theatre Panorama]

Sheldonian Theatre Panorama

The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford; at one time Oxford university Press was housed in the attic here. This is a multi-shot panorama. Complete with a birght red van, sorry about that. [more...]

[picture: Through the bars]

Through the bars

A grand-looking old building seen through its gate.

[picture: Blackwell's Bookshop]

Blackwell’s Bookshop

A famous bookshop [US: bookstore] in Oxford, at 50 Broad Street, Blackwell’s have been there for a very long time. The shop is much bigger on the inside than the outside, as the photo I took of the interior of the bookshop shows. [more...]

[picture: Broad Street]

Broad Street

Another view.

[picture: Oxford Street]

Oxford Street

Another Oxford street, taken to give a feel for the place.

[picture: Palladian Entrance]

Palladian Entrance

Well, it has columns at least.

[picture: Palladian Entrance 2]

Palladian Entrance 2

Well, it has columns at least.

[picture: Palladian Entrance 3]

Palladian Entrance 3

My camera isn’t working properly so I took a duplicate shot.

[picture: Blackell's Bookshop Panorama]

Blackell’s Bookshop Panorama

I stood just inside the entrance and took photographs in almost a 180 degree arc. You can just see on the right in the background that there is a gallery over a lower floor. There are I think 5 floors. [more...]

[picture: Oxford Street]

Oxford Street

With a red phone box [US: telephone booth]

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