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An Afternoon in Oxford (page 5/7)

[picture: Bridge]


Not the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, but still pretty neat.

[picture: Vaulted stone ceiling]

Vaulted stone ceiling

A vaulted stone ceiling.

[picture: Radcliffe Library, Oxford]

Radcliffe Library, Oxford

This circular building, The Radcliffe Camera, was built between 1739 and 1749, and was designed by the architect James Gibbs. The name came because a doctor left the money for the purpose of building a library, and the building is still used as a library [...] [more...]

[picture: The Porch of St Mary's]

The Porch of St Mary’s

The porch of this church has unusual spiral columns. Compare Porch of St. mary’s from Andrew Lang’s Oxford. [more...]

[picture: St. Mary's Church Panorama`]

St. Mary’s Church Panorama‘

The church of St. Mary Magdalen in Oxford; a multi-shot panorama.

[picture: St. Mary's Church Panorama 2]

St. Mary’s Church Panorama 2

A different projection.

[picture: St. Mary's side door]

St. Mary’s side door

A smaller door, madde by the looks of it of stout oak, in an arched stone doorway. All very gothic.

[picture: Ede & Ravenscroft, Est. 1689]

Ede & Ravenscroft, Est. 1689

A multi-shot panorama of this old shop-front, which would not look too out-of-place in a Harry Potter film set.

[picture: Scriptum]


A shop selling paper and writing implements.

[picture: Turl Street]

Turl Street

A narrow street in the city of Oxford, with a Tudor college building on the right.

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