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An Afternoon in Oxford (page 6/7)

[picture: Scriptum 2]

Scriptum 2

A shop selling paper and writing implements.

[picture: Exeter College courtyard]

Exeter College courtyard

A quad in an Oxford college.

[picture: Exeter College Quadrangle]

Exeter College Quadrangle

The quadrangle (or courtyard) of Exeter College, Oxford; a multi-shot panorama.

[picture: Exeter College Students]

Exeter College Students

All very Oxford somehow. Except they’re not wearing gowns. But students emerging from a college carrying books. They gave me their permission to be photographed (after the [...] [more...]

[picture: College door]

College door

The ancient wooden doorway, with the smaller inset porter’s door standing open to reveal a glimpse of the greenery in the courtyard inside.

[picture: College door 2]

College door 2

Another view.

[picture: Oxford street and park]

Oxford street and park

View from upstairs.

[picture: Oxford street and park 2]

Oxford street and park 2

View from upstairs.

[picture: Oxford street and park 3]

Oxford street and park 3

I think I was going to stitch these together.

[picture: Palladian Architecture]

Palladian Architecture

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

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