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Snapshots from Heidelberg (page 5/8)

[picture: Hotel room]

Hotel room

I like to photograph the hotel room to help my husband get a feel for where I’m staying. Yes, husband. Get over it.

[picture: Through the hotel room window]

Through the hotel room window

Looking out to the hills

[picture: View from the hotel window]

View from the hotel window

Without the net curtain. The building nearby is the rest of the hotel.

[picture: View from the hotel window 2]
[picture: View from the hotel window 3]

View from the hotel window 3

Looking to the left I could see a fairly busy street, complete with people and trams. The brownish building in the middle left is the bank seen in an earlier picture. [more...]

[picture: G. J. Biegler]

G. J. Biegler

Gege 1868; Erbant 1901. Or so it says, I think. The next shot is much clearer.

[picture: G. J. Biegler 2]

G. J. Biegler 2

I’m not sure I have transcribed the sign correctly, sorry. The building is (I think) on Bergheimer Strasse.

[picture: Side street]

Side street

A side-street, showing the balconies and the architecture. And lots of parked cars.

[picture: German building]

German building

Some interesting architecture. I don’t know what it is.

[picture: Stern apotheke]

Stern apotheke

Actually it didn’t look too stern. Almost friendly.

[picture: Merlin restaurant]

Merlin restaurant

A place on Bergheimer Strasse where I had lunch. This is a multi-shot panorama.

[picture: Creeper-covered building]

Creeper-covered building

Possibly Virginia Creeper, I’m not sure. Lots of dormer windows, too.

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