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Snapshots from Heidelberg (page 6/8)

[picture: Lonely Tree]

Lonely Tree

It almost looks as if the buildings grew up round the tree, leaving space for it.

[picture: Creeper-covered building 2]

Creeper-covered building 2

Another view, slightly better I think.

[picture: Tall building]

Tall building

Trying to give a feel for this part of the city of Heidelberg.

[picture: Sad but True]

Sad but True

Graffiti in Germany.

[picture: K]


An ornate carved initial “K” set inside ivy, on a wooden door.

[picture: Lion's head]

Lion’s head

A stone carved lion’s head guarding an archway or door.

[picture: Railway lines]

Railway lines

Seen from a bridge. A mass of railway lines (US: railroad), pylons and wires. With a train in the middle distance.

[picture: Heidelberg from the North]

Heidelberg from the North

Looking south towards the station and the Heidelberg Print Media Acadamy (the tall glass building) where we had our meetings. The ugly huts in the right foreground are part of a US army base. [more...]

[picture: Street]


With autumnal subdued colours.

[picture: Side Street Panorama]

Side Street Panorama

This was Blumenstraße. A multi-shot panorama to try and give a feeling for the city.

[picture: Blumenstraße]


I took the street-name so I could remember where the Panorama in the preceding picture was taken.

[picture: Side street with tree]

Side street with tree

Not a good capture, but the sun on the tree and the stone and brick building to its right was quite fetching actually. [more...]

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