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Snapshots from Heidelberg (page 7/8)

[picture: Side-street]


Another side-street, with a building with a gothic-style balcony. This is a multi-shot panorama.

[picture: The old and the new]

The old and the new

An interesting juxtaposition of buildings. And I think that’s a Smart Car parked on the left, to give a feel for the size of the road.

[picture: Sei nicht dein eigener gegner]

Sei nicht dein eigener gegner

An advert featuring a shirtless man. Possibly for a film?

[picture: Ornate door]

Ornate door

This ornate door has wrought-iron grilles over the glass, and a carved sun motif above the arch.

[picture: Curved stone seat by the hotel]

Curved stone seat by the hotel

This is the outside of the Crowne Plaza in Heidelberg, where I stayed. It’s a Holiday Inn.

[picture: Einfahrt Tiefgarage]

Einfahrt Tiefgarage

A place to park smelly cars?

[picture: Modern Building]

Modern Building

Heidelberg isn’t all cute old buildings.

[picture: restaurant]


I think it had a funny name, but I didn’t get a good enough picture.

[picture: Heidelberg Print Media Academy Amphitheatre]

Heidelberg Print Media Academy Amphitheatre

A bright red spherical building within a building!

[picture: Heidelberg Print Media Academy]

Heidelberg Print Media Academy

From the outside it still looks weird, and somehow very industrial. The steel tubes actually have meeting rooms in them.

[picture: Heidelberg Print Media Academy 2]

Heidelberg Print Media Academy 2

Actually the camera chose to focus on the street signal I think. I broke the LCD and taking pictures is a sort of hit-and-miss affair these days. [more...]

[picture: Ich Will Geld]

Ich Will Geld

In English, to geld is to castrate, especially an animal. I think in german it’s to dispense money.

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