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A Day in New Orleans (page 10/19)

[picture: orange building]

orange building

Or peach coloured, maybe.

[picture: Façades]


buildings near the French Market.

[picture: French Market, New Orleans]

French Market, New Orleans

The entrance to the French Market.

[picture: By the French market]

By the French market

A tree and a lamp-post set into the pavement (US: sidewalk).

[picture: Fleur de lis]

Fleur de lis

A fleur-de-lys or fleur-de-lis flag in New Orleans.

[picture: French Market Tree]

French Market Tree

Another shot of this tree by the pillars of the market.

[picture: Joan of Arc 1]

Joan of Arc 1

This golden statue is a copy of the one by Emmanuel Fremiet at the Place des Pyramides in Paris. It was originally in front of the International Trade mart building, but was moved to the French Market on Decateur Street to make [...] [more...]

[picture: Joan of Arc 2]

Joan of Arc 2

Another view.

[picture: Joan of Arc 3]

Joan of Arc 3

Another view.

[picture: Joan of Arc 4]

Joan of Arc 4

Another view.

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