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Exploring Tuscany (page 3/24)

[picture: Slug Sculpture]

Slug Sculpture

This scuplture, on the outskirts of Pisa, has two parallel walls and a giant slug (I think) crawling over them.

[picture: Tuscany Field]

Tuscany Field

Yellow and green.

[picture: Italian village 1]

Italian village 1

A small town in Tuscany, clearly dminated by its bell-tower.

[picture: Italian village 2]

Italian village 2

A small town in Tuscany, clearly dminated by its bell-tower. Here you also see round bales of hay in the foreground.

[picture: Italian tree]

Italian tree

Blurred in the foreground because the car was going fast.

[picture: Trees 1]

Trees 1

A valley with trees.

[picture: Trees 2]

Trees 2

Trees in San Vivaldo

[picture: Shrine to Mary 1]

Shrine to Mary 1

You see lots of these shrines in Italy, usually to the Virgin Mary, whom the Papists worship as if she were a God. [more...]

[picture: Shrine to Mary 2]

Shrine to Mary 2

Inside the shrine was Mary with a little boy.

[picture: Monkish cell]

Monkish cell

When the Crusades tapered off because of wars and pestilence, devout Italians still wanted to go there, so the local monks built a local Jerusalem that people could visit instead. It is in the style of a medieval Italian village, though, so it is not very convincing. [...] [more...]

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