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Exploring Tuscany (page 4/24)

[picture: Monkly Building 1]

Monkly Building 1

An Italian monastery building, with characteristic tiled roof, pillars and arches.

[picture: Monkly Building 2]

Monkly Building 2

A closer view. A lot of these buildings have fabulous paintings, icons or shrines visible through grilled windows.

[picture: Monkly Building 3]

Monkly Building 3

At first I thought it was a public toilet, but in fact I thik they are two monks’ cells.

[picture: Monky Building 4]

Monky Building 4

A monk’s cell in an old Italian monastery.

[picture: Tall trees]

Tall trees

A pair of tall trees either side of a monastic building.

[picture: David's Tomb 1]

David’s Tomb 1

This brick building in a 1516 A.D. Italian Monastery was designated as a stand-in for David’s Tomb in the Holy Land. It looks like it might also function as a pigeon-house but I am not certain. [more...]

[picture: David's Tomb 2]

David’s Tomb 2

With the sign above:

Tomba di David

[picture: Brick pillar]

Brick pillar

A small brick pillar supporting a roof in this early 16th century monastery.

[picture: Monastery Gardens]

Monastery Gardens

An inner courtyard has lawns and flowers.

[picture: Holyland Model of Ancient Jerusalem 1]

Holyland Model of Ancient Jerusalem 1

The map shows a map of Jerusalem together with a 1480 map of Jerusalem and also a map of San Vivaldo.

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