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Exploring Tuscany (page 6/24)

[picture: Monastery Cat]

Monastery Cat

Every monastery needs a cat to bask on the warm stone ground in the afternoon.

[picture: Three statues]

Three statues

Three statues in the entrance to the Church of San Vivaldo (Saint Vivaldo). The church was built between 1326 and 1355. The only chapel I could get to, since the main church was closed, was that of San Vivaldo himself. The central statue was made by Benedetto Bugliono no [...] [more...]

[picture: Plaque in the small chapel of San Vivaldo]
[picture: San Vivaldo]

San Vivaldo

A closer view of the terracotta (or glass?) status of San Vivaldo.

[picture: Monastery door]

Monastery door

The door was closed, but was clearly of solid wood set in an arch in the stone wall.

[picture: Letterbox]


Letters are still delivered to this post-box.

[picture: Another map]

Another map

This one is drawn from the opposite direction, and seems older.

[picture: Fresco in chapel]

Fresco in chapel

The painting here was made by Raffaellino del Garbo during the Renaissance. It represets the Virgin Mary in Glory with John the Baptist, Saint Girolamo, Saint Francisco and Saint Vivaldo. [more...]

[picture: San Vivaldo Fresco, Wallpaper Version]

San Vivaldo Fresco, Wallpaper Version

A version of the renaissance painting in the chapel of Saint Vivaldo, sized for a computer desktop background, or wallpaper as Microsoft Windows calls it. [more...]

[picture: Chapel of San Vivaldo]

Chapel of San Vivaldo

a wide-angle view showing the funeral markers on the walls and the painting. The altar, with its three statues, is on the left just out of the picture, and [...] [more...]

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