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Exploring Tuscany (page 7/24)

[picture: Marble inscription]

Marble inscription

An inscription in the Chapel of San vivaldo: [more...]

[picture: Monastery building in Tuscany]

Monastery building in Tuscany

A sixteenth century building, part of a monastery, in Tuscany. The sunlight and the pattern of the bricks and the roses in the foreground all contribute to this picture. [more...]

[picture: Barefoot Saints]

Barefoot Saints

Seen through the wire grille over the window of one of the chapels in San Vivaldo, a 16th century carving of a pagan altar with its carved idols, or possibly a Christian scene. [more...]

[picture: Three European Cars]

Three European Cars

Part of our party was getting ready to get back into their cars.

[picture: No Moer San Vivaldo]

No Moer San Vivaldo

The sign at the end of the town; I mostly took it so I could remember the name of the place, I admit, as we were not there for very long.

[picture: Tuscan Hillside]

Tuscan Hillside

A field and hills in Tuscany, near San Vivaldo.

[picture: Snow ahead!  Straight above you!]

Snow ahead! Straight above you!

Do they change the signs for the weather?

[picture: Tuscany farm with distant landscape]

Tuscany farm with distant landscape

This was going to be an outtake but I decided I liked the effect, taken from the car as we hurtled past!

[picture: ]

[picture: ]

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