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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 31/32)

[picture: Inscription fragment]

Inscription fragment

A broken inscription.

[picture: Floor paved with gravestones]

Floor paved with gravestones

The indoor cemetary; the nearest gravestone has very ornate inlaid decoration which, at the rightmost end, includes a pair of crossed bones, and at the left, an ornate heraldic escutcheon or bearing. [more...]

[picture: Symbol from Italian Grave 1]

Symbol from Italian Grave 1

The tombstone has a tree with an animal on either side, which I think may be the crest for Pisa.

[picture: Symbol from Italian Grave 2]

Symbol from Italian Grave 2

A view from the other end.

[picture: Inscription from an Italian Grave]
[picture: Fibonacci again]

Fibonacci again

This time without his head.

[picture: Statue of Leonardo Fibonacci 9]

Statue of Leonardo Fibonacci 9

From the left side.

[picture: Sarcophagus with Roses]

Sarcophagus with Roses

A sarcophagus left outside in the quadrangle.

[picture: bas-relief gravestone in the floor]
[picture: Carved lion's head]

Carved lion’s head

A carved lion’s head on the corner of a fluted sarcophagus.

[picture: Fragment with animal head]

Fragment with animal head

I’m not even sure what animal is depicted here.

[picture: Christian inscription]

Christian inscription

The PC symbol on the left is usually Christian. The writing says: [more...]

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