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Pisa - Last day (page 6/22)

[picture: Baptistry 2]

Baptistry 2

Here we see the famous Baptistry on the Field of Miracles. To its left is the cemetery; to its right is the cathedral, the Duomo of Pisa, and in the far background on the right is the Leaning Tower, appearing almost upright because of the wide-angle lens. [more...]

[picture: Baptistry, Duomo, Bell-Tower]

Baptistry, Duomo, Bell-Tower

The baptistry (left), the cathedral (middle) and the bell-tower (the Leaning Tower of Pisa) in the background.

[picture: Cathedral]


The Duomo, showing some of the pillared arches, and with the Baptistry in the foreground.

[picture: Cemetary]


The cemetery is perhaps the least exuberant of the buildings, and maybe that’s appropriate. [more...]

[picture: Wide angle baptistry]

Wide angle baptistry

It almost doesn’t look like a building at all, but like an object placed there by some almighty hand. Perhaps that’s why it’s called the Field of Miracles. [more...]

[picture: Niche]


A niche in the corner of the city wall perhaps once held a shrine to the Virgin mary or some other idol.

[picture: Leaning Baptistry of Pisa]

Leaning Baptistry of Pisa

Mostly wide-angle lens distortion here.

[picture: Cathedral entrance]

Cathedral entrance

With the baptistry in the foreground at right.

[picture: Cathedral entrance 2]

Cathedral entrance 2

with a crowd of people in front of it.

[picture: Bird.]


There was a pigeon in the wall.

[picture: Cathedral 1]

Cathedral 1

The Duomo of Pisa, the Cathedral on the Field of Miracles, bathed in the bright summer light.

[picture: Cathedral 2]

Cathedral 2

A slightly different view. But only very slightly.

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