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Tokyo (page 15/16)

[picture: Hoo on Mikoshi]

Hoo on Mikoshi

Showing an overall view of the mikoshi.

[picture: Golden hoo]

Golden hoo

The hoo, or sacred phœnix bird, on top of the mikoshi.

[picture: Mikoshi 1]

Mikoshi 1

A closer view of the whole mikoshi.

[picture: Mikoshi 2]

Mikoshi 2

A closer view of the whole mikoshi.

[picture: Pink towel crown]

Pink towel crown

A man with a traditional costume has an addition that I suspect might not be traditional.

[picture: Strange icon]

Strange icon

I don’t know what it is. Photographed from the bus going to the airport.

[picture: S-xy]


I’m not sure what this is either.

[picture: Temple entrance]

Temple entrance

Photographed from a moving bus.

[picture: Ju-Ju 1]

Ju-Ju 1

Selling sweets maybe?

[picture: Ju-Ju 2]

Ju-Ju 2

Selling sweets maybe?

[picture: tower]


A very tall skyscraper.

[picture: Bridge]


Taken from the bus.

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