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Tokyo (page 9/16)

[picture: The drum]

The drum

Pulling the drum, complete with its paper lanterns. I don’t know if there is religious or traditional significance in the colour of people’s socks. [more...]

[picture: Over there!  The drum cart.]

Over there! The drum cart.

A closer view of the drum cart with its carving.

[picture: Child with staff leading the mikoshi]

Child with staff leading the mikoshi

A child, wearing black tights or trousers, a gray tunic, a bandana, tabi socks, and carrying a metal staff, leads the mikoshi. [more...]

[picture: Children with staff 1]

Children with staff 1

there were two of them. The next picture is better.

[picture: Children with staff 2]

Children with staff 2

Two boys with metal wands or staves.

[picture: Children carrying the mikoshi]

Children carrying the mikoshi

The children carry the portable shrine, with the adults ready to take a hand if needed.

[picture: Pulling the drum]

Pulling the drum

Here are the children sitting on the cart playing the drum.

[picture: Children carrying the mikoshi]

Children carrying the mikoshi

Another shot of the costumed adults and children with the sacred palanquin, the mikoshi, with its feathered phoenix (hoo). [more...]

[picture: The drum-cart turns]

The drum-cart turns

It is turning to go down this street. you can also see the two boys with their metal wands.

[picture: The drum-cart has turned!]

The drum-cart has turned!

Drum-cart steering must be taught in Japanese schools.

[picture: Tokyo tower]

Tokyo tower

I turned around and there it was.

[picture: Carrying the Mikoshi 1]

Carrying the Mikoshi 1

Another photo of the children with the mikoshi.

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