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A few hours in Munich (page 10/16)

[picture: Grand cathedral entrance 5]

Grand cathedral entrance 5

With the door closed.

[picture: People leaving 1]

People leaving 1

Sometimes people come out of the church door. Sometimes they are wearing costumes and carrying old-fashioned rifles.

[picture: People leaving 2]

People leaving 2

Another shot of these two men in their blue coats and light-coloured socks.

[picture: The church sign]

The church sign

Welcome to the Metropolitan Church of Our Lady [more...]

[picture: Church interior 1]

Church interior 1

With a stained glass East Window, and a torture device with an effigy of a dying man on it, in agony. earlier gothic cathedrals had narrow arches because the weight of the stone was too great. [...] [more...]

[picture: Church interior 2]

Church interior 2

Another wide-angle shot of the Nave.

[picture: Church interior 3: Chancel]
[picture: Kaiser Memorial Caption]

Kaiser Memorial Caption


The latest date mentioned seems to be 1468.

[picture: Kaiser Memorial 1]

Kaiser Memorial 1

It’s actually harder than it looks to photograph a dark object in a dimly-lit church, without using flash. Especially if your lens is limited to f/4. [more...]

[picture: Inscription 1]

Inscription 1

A beautifully made inscription in the church. It dates, I think, from 1488.

[picture: Inscription 2]

Inscription 2

A beautifully made inscription in the church. It dates, I think, from 1488.

[picture: Another inscription]

Another inscription

A monument, perhaps to a musician, and dated mcccclxxiii, which is 1473; this art was made over 500 years ago. The bas-relief sculpture depicts a man wearing (of course) mediaeval costume (OK, medieval costume), playing perhaps a hand organ, and surrounded by other instruments, including harp and lyre. If you can work out who is to be remembered, please let me know and I will add that here. The various [...] [more...]

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