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A Day in Dublin (page 1/15)


A good friend showed me round Dublin and the area.

Title: A Day in Dublin

Author: Quin, Liam R. E.

Date: 2008

Total items: 157

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Some sample images

[picture: Red Light Moment]

Red Light Moment

Looking out of the bus and over the sea wall; there was a mist coming in from the sea.

[picture: Boats 3]

Boats 3

With the launching ramp.

[picture: Gorse 3]

Gorse 3

More of the thorny flowers. In the background, mist coming from the sea.

[picture: Howth Point across the Bay]

Howth Point across the Bay

A view of Howth Point and the lighthouse (I think) from the other side of the bay.

[picture: Windows]


A row of repeated arched windows.

[picture: Path through the mist 5]

Path through the mist 5

Leading upwards

[picture: Horse 2]

Horse 2

In a misty meadow. With green grass and daisies.

[picture: Arch 4]

Arch 4

This is the best of the arch shots I think.

[picture: Boats 7]

Boats 7

Red boats, green boats, orange boats, blue boats, what more could you want?

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A good friend showed me round Dublin and the area.

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