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A few hours in Munich (page 11/16)

[picture: Kaiser Memorial 2]

Kaiser Memorial 2

A better shot of this 15th century tomb. It is guarded by sculpted knights, giving a good idea of how soldiers dressed in the late 1400s. [more...]

[picture: Kaiser Memorial 3]

Kaiser Memorial 3

I did several with different camera settings.

[picture: Side aisle]

Side aisle

At the far end of the aisle is the apse with a stained glass window.

[picture: Kaiser Memorial 4]

Kaiser Memorial 4

A close-up detail with a skull and cross-bones decorated with ribbons.

[picture: Kaiser Memorial 5]

Kaiser Memorial 5

A close-up detail with a skull and cross-bones decorated with ribbons. And cherubs.

[picture: Kaiser Memorial 6: With this sword...]

Kaiser Memorial 6: With this sword...

I am not sure if the robed man is the person whose remains are presumably buried here.

[picture: Kaiser Memorial 7: Kneeling knight]

Kaiser Memorial 7: Kneeling knight

In this statue, a moustached knight is down on one knee, with his right hand on his hip, and with his other hand supports a banner affixed perhaps to a lance. [more...]

[picture: Side chapel]

Side chapel

A side-chapel with an altar and a fairly serious oil painting, with beautiful light streaming in from a stained glass window.

[picture: Nave and Crucifix]

Nave and Crucifix

The nave and the altar, and the East Window.

[picture: Church ceiling]

Church ceiling

The beautiful stone vaulted ceiling of the church.

[picture: organ case]

organ case

Organ pipes.

[picture: Hand bells]

Hand bells

Maybe for sounding prayers, or to ask for the door to be opened?

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