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A few hours in Munich (page 15/16)

[picture: Street]


A Munich street. With a blimp overhead.

[picture: Department Store]

Department Store

C & A is a chain of clothing stores.

[picture: Statue]


A statue of a man, bare-chested, bare-legged and barefooted, carrying an infant on his shoulders; the scuplture is on the corner of a building.

[picture: Green square]

Green square

A little park in Munich. The buildings to the right look as if they are not modern.

[picture: Alleyway]


If you turn round and look, you might see a church or cathedral.

[picture: Buskers]


Playing the violin and I think guitar.

[picture: Stone pig]

Stone pig

Another small carved animal.

[picture: Another small animal]

Another small animal

I’m not sure what this one is.

[picture: Hacker-Pschorr]


I don’t think it means computer hackers, because it is dated 1417.

[picture: Mary's Square 1]

Mary’s Square 1

one corner of the Marienplatz square. The golden statue on the pillar is the eponymous Mary.

[picture: Mary's Square 2]

Mary’s Square 2

A better view.

[picture: Busking Cellists 1]

Busking Cellists 1

Four young men were playing the cello.

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