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A few hours in Munich (page 2/16)

[picture: Shopping]


It was a Sunday; plenty of shops were open though, and thre were lots of pepole around (many of them tourists like me). The building at centre is the Church of the Holy Ghost. [more...]

[picture: Towers]


Wherever you look there seem to be ancient cathedrals or towers.

[picture: Marienplatz 1]

Marienplatz 1

In the foreground, the S and U signs are at an entrance to the railway station at Marienplatz, in the centre of Munich. The large ornate building that you can see in the background behind those signs holds the courtyard where I had lunch, [...]Neues Rathaus), built between 1867 and 1909 in the Gothic Revival Style. The two domed towers at the far end are from the cathedral. And to the left of the signs you can just see a cream van; the people doing aggressive cello busking were there. The church of the Holy Spirit and the museum, visible in the first picture in this series, are behind me. [more...]

[picture: Spiritui Sancto Cum Angelis et Archangelim]

Spiritui Sancto Cum Angelis et Archangelim

A door that leads into the church of the Holy Spirit.

[picture: Tower]


A sort of domed minaret on the corner of a building.

[picture: Marienplatz 2]

Marienplatz 2

Taken from further back.

[picture: Marienplatz 3]

Marienplatz 3

Another shot. Different people.

[picture: Clock tower]

Clock tower

A gray clock tower, much more convenient than a wrist-watch.

[picture: Cathedral of the Holy Spirit]

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

They’re all over the place. This one is the Heiliggeistkirche, or the Church of the Holy Ghost, the Protestant cathedral. [more...]

[picture: Inside the Church of the Holy Spirit 1]

Inside the Church of the Holy Spirit 1

Someone prays at the gate. The inside is very ornate, and the gate is a good reminder that we mortal sinners are unworthy to come into the presence of God except in the company of [...] [more...]

[picture: Inside the Church of the Holy Ghost 2]

Inside the Church of the Holy Ghost 2

Well, it needs rotating and lens correction, but then it will be interesting perhaps. You can see the the ceiling of this church has been painted very [...] [more...]

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