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A few hours in Munich (page 4/16)

[picture: Horse]


A statue of a horse and rider on the front of the gothic revival style New Town Hall.

[picture: Cloister 1]

Cloister 1

A cloister seen through a wrought iron gate.

[picture: Cloister 2]

Cloister 2

A cloister seen through a wrought iron gate. There was a young man standing in front of the gate unfortunately, preventing me from getting a better shot. [more...]

[picture: Cloister 3]

Cloister 3

The side gate. This cloister is in the new Town Hall.

[picture: rickshaw]


A bicycle-powered mechanism for converting tourist’s money into forward motion.

[picture: Square]


The town square (Marienplatz) had beer gardens.

[picture: Statue 1]

Statue 1

This statue appears to be of a small boy with wings (a sort of cupid perhaps) holding sword and shield, about to fight a snake or dragon.

[picture: Statue 2]

Statue 2

Another view of this statue; there are multiple cupids slaying serpents. In the foreground, perhaps an ornate lantern.

[picture: The New Town Hall 1]

The New Town Hall 1

A fish-eye view of the new Town Hall. It was built around 1900 in the Gothic Revival style.

[picture: The New Town Hall 2]

The New Town Hall 2

A slightly different view.

[picture: The New Town Hall 3]

The New Town Hall 3

The front of this Gothic Revival building, with the statue in the foreground.

[picture: The New Town Hall 4: Entrance]

The New Town Hall 4: Entrance

The entrance to the New Town Hall.

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