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A few hours in Munich (page 6/16)

[picture: Window with a rounded arch]

Window with a rounded arch

A window in a castle wall.

[picture: Gargoyle 3]

Gargoyle 3

Another water-spout, or gargoyle, this one in the shape of a dragon perhaps.

[picture: Garglyle 4]

Garglyle 4

Another water-spout, or gargoyle, this one in the shape of a dragon perhaps, and looks a bit unfriendly.

[picture: Stained glass window]

Stained glass window

A stained glass window seen from the outside; it is set into a stone wall.

[picture: Gargoyle 5]

Gargoyle 5

This gargoyle is in the shape of a man, perhaps a monk or scholar, scratching his head or maybe raising his cap.

[picture: Gargoyle 6]

Gargoyle 6

The same statue as Gargoyle 5 but a closer view. His feet seem to have melded with the stone wall.

[picture: Gargoyle 7]

Gargoyle 7

A closer view. I changed camera lens.

[picture: Gargoyle 8]

Gargoyle 8

A different one.

[picture: Tower]


A tower sticking out behind the courtyard at Munich Town Hall.

[picture: Town Hall restaurant]

Town Hall restaurant

Showing the tables in one corner of the courtyard. It’s a sort of restaurant configuration very common in Europe.

[picture: Gargoyle 9]

Gargoyle 9

Another view of this gargoyle. I also made a version suitable for use as a screen background, which I will give yuo in exchange for a picture of your ankles. [more...]

[picture: Gargoyle 10]

Gargoyle 10

Maybe it’s a man on the toilet?

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