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A few hours in Munich (page 9/16)

[picture: Omnipresence 2]

Omnipresence 2

Another view. I liked the sign in the front that said “christ” and the tree.

[picture: Colourful restaurant]

Colourful restaurant

People sit outside at this restaurant. A sign above reads: [more...]

[picture: Memorial 1]

Memorial 1

I think I saw a date of MDLXXVI on this (1576). There is a skull, and pillars, too.

[picture: Corner restaurant]

Corner restaurant

A restaurant in the corner of a courtyard in Munich, with red and green and peach colours.

[picture: Grand cathedral entrance 1]

Grand cathedral entrance 1

Quite the doorway. A brick gothic archway with ornate gothic carving and a beautiful heavy wooden door. this is of real course Gothic architecture, not Gothic Revival. [more...]

[picture: Sundial]


These were useful for letting people know when the church service would be held, I expect, or perhaps for the time of an execution of a heretic. This one has the signs of the zodiac around it too. [more...]

[picture: More monuments]

More monuments

Some more stone tombstones, or monuments; I can see one dated 1690 I think.

[picture: Curved building]

Curved building

A gently curved building forms one side of a courtyard. There’s a fountain at the far left.

[picture: Fountain in courtyard]

Fountain in courtyard

This small fountain has lots of bronze mushrooms! It is in one corner of a courtyard.

[picture: Grand cathedral entrance 2]

Grand cathedral entrance 2

I did lots of these shots to try and get a good one.

[picture: Grand cathedral entrance 3]

Grand cathedral entrance 3

With fewer people, and a closer shot.

[picture: Grand cathedral entrance 4]

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