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Some photographs I took in Dublin, Ireland.

Title: Dublin

Author: Quin, Liam R. E.

Date: 2008

Total items: 14

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Some sample images

[picture: Iveagh Trust Public Baths]

Iveagh Trust Public Baths

A sign over a doorway.

[picture: Dublin Tyre Factory 2]

Dublin Tyre Factory 2

Dunlop Tyre Factory (US: Tire Factory), the world’s first.

[picture: Christ Church Cathedral]

Christ Church Cathedral

The sign outside the church confirms that it is Anglican, The Cathedral of the Holy trinity, and was founded around A.D. 1030 [more...]

[picture: Pretty Building]

Pretty Building

Almost Moroccan but not quite.

[picture: Dunlop street]

Dunlop street

With people, cars, apartments and a church steeple.

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Some photographs I took in Dublin, Ireland.

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