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A Day in Dublin (page 13/15)

[picture: outtake]



[picture: Cottage]


A small house, with a slate roof.

[picture: Canal lock]

Canal lock

A poor picture of a canal lock.

[picture: Lamppost]


A lamppost in the evening.

[picture: Spike 1]

Spike 1

A sculpture called the Spike.

[picture: Spike 2]

Spike 2

More spike.

[picture: Spike 3]

Spike 3

The bottom.

[picture: Spike 4]

Spike 4

With people.

[picture: Neo-Classical Building.]

Neo-Classical Building.

The post office.

[picture: Spike 5]

Spike 5

Looking up!

[picture: Spike 6]

Spike 6

Looking up!

[picture: Old Building in Evening]

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