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A Day in Dublin (page 3/15)

[picture: Old and New]

Old and New

An old fa├žade surrounded with modern windows, reflecting more old architecture. A faded sign reads 128 BUILDING SOCIETY

[picture: Cobbled street 1]

Cobbled street 1

A street in Dublin, narrow and cobbled,w with shops and people. The green building on the right is Paddy Power Bookmakers, a betting shop. Near it is a sign advertising a talk: [more...]

[picture: Cobbled street 2]

Cobbled street 2

A colourful Dublin street.

[picture: Small square 1]

Small square 1

A small square in Dublin near Temple bar, with an outdoor restaurant.

[picture: Small square 2]

Small square 2

A small square in Dublin near Temple bar, with an outdoor restaurant.

[picture: Archway]


A narow side-street.

[picture: Sir William Temple]

Sir William Temple

Temple bar is a pub named after Sir William Temple (1555 – 1627), and this plaque is outside it, as he lived here.

[picture: The Temple Bar]

The Temple Bar

And my friend and patient guide, juju, standing outside it.

[picture: River With Bridge 1]

River With Bridge 1

I see a boat about to pass under the bridge, and a double-decker bridge, and lots of people walking.

[picture: River with Bridge 2]

River with Bridge 2

A pedestrian bridge and a road bridge. And there are cranes making more buildings.

[picture: A small sticker on the pedestrian bridge]

A small sticker on the pedestrian bridge

Chris, Eleen, Eleen, Eve, Woz 2
7.9.07 [or 01, but 07 seems more likely, 7th september 2007]

[picture: Heineken 1]

Heineken 1

A large modern building and, next to it, an older one.

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