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A Day in Dublin (page 8/15)

[picture: Stone pillar]

Stone pillar

A stone pillar or gatepost makes the corner of a wall and fence.

[picture: Country lane]

Country lane

Not suitable for wide vehicles; a leafy lane.

[picture: Down to Howth]

Down to Howth

Going down the road to the town.

[picture: Howth Church 2]

Howth Church 2

Seen from up the road.

[picture: Howth Church 3: monument]

Howth Church 3: monument

Probably a war memorial.

[picture: Church gate and door]

Church gate and door

An iron gate surmounted by a cross; an arched wooden door; stained glass windows.

[picture: Happy Birthday Julie 1]

Happy Birthday Julie 1

A house with a birthday greeting painted on the outside wall. This does not appear to be common practice in the region, however.

[picture: Happy Birthday Julie 2]

Happy Birthday Julie 2

To Doctor Evand Yonka of Paris
+ Fingal C.C. Planning Dept
FI6E No. F/96A/0493 is fake,
as confirmed in Mohans letter
to Frank Connolly of the Sunday
Business Post.
is that clear enough [sic]. [more...]

[picture: Ruined chapel]

Ruined chapel

Another ruined chapel or church.

[picture: outtake]



[picture: In the bar]

In the bar

In a real Irish pub, not a fake one. Taken with kind permission.

[picture: Irish house]

Irish house

The houses look quite spiffy.

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