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Dublin (page 2/3)

[picture: Iveagh Trust Public Baths]

Iveagh Trust Public Baths

A sign over a doorway.

[picture: Church]


The Anglican cathedral. I couldn’t find the way in.

[picture: Pillar Base]

Pillar Base

The base of an old pillar.

[picture: Main door]

Main door

The door to the church; the zig-zag rounded arch is characteristically Norman, so I’m guessing it’s a little under 1,000 years old. I hope they oiled the hinges. [more...]

[picture: Feeding the birds by the Church]

Feeding the birds by the Church

A man dressed in black, perhaps a priest, stands surrounded by pigeons on the lawn by an ancient church.

[picture: Turrets]


There are arrow-slits, perhaps to defend the church against falling angels.

[picture: Christ Church Cathedral]

Christ Church Cathedral

The sign outside the church confirms that it is Anglican, The Cathedral of the Holy trinity, and was founded around A.D. 1030 [more...]

[picture: Neo-classical Dublin]

Neo-classical Dublin

A building largely in shadow, with great columns.

[picture: Pretty Building]

Pretty Building

Almost Moroccan but not quite.

[picture: Cobbles lane]

Cobbles lane

A curved cobbled street in Dublin.

[picture: Over the hill]

Over the hill

Two people walking past a cobbled side-street; this picture could do with brightening.

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