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A day in Wrocław (page 2/5)

[picture: ]

[picture: ]

[picture: Church windows]

Church windows

It was Pentecost, and there were services late at night.

[picture: Stained glass]

Stained glass

A long exposure with some lights and reflections from passing cars.

[picture: Church at night]

Church at night

Another go at a long exposure of the car lights by the church, but without a tripod I was detined to fail.

[picture: Polish apartments]

Polish apartments

Some buildings.

[picture: iron fence]

iron fence

The metal railings have some ornamentation. Behind them is a river or canal.

[picture: Urn]


An statue in the shape of an urn in the park, a statue; there’s a carved head on it, with ivy for hair.

[picture: A Walk in the Park 1]

A Walk in the Park 1

Tall mature trees provide shade in the park along a cobbled path, with occasional park benches.

[picture: A Walk in the Park 2]

A Walk in the Park 2

More shaded path, but now you can see the end of it.

[picture: Statue]


A statue outside the museum.

[picture: Three Statues]

Three Statues

Three stone statues by the Museum.

[picture: Modern statue]

Modern statue

A topless woman in a stone (or bronze?) chair.

[picture: Museum]


The walls of the museum building are covered in creeper. The sign reads as follows: [more...]

[picture: Curved government building]

Curved government building

With a luxury car outside it. The sign is in Polish but bears the EU flag.

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