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A day in Wrocław (page 4/5)

[picture: Reflections 3]

Reflections 3

An old building reflected in the glass wall of a modern one.

[picture: Reflections 4]

Reflections 4

New and old buildings reflected in the glass exterior wall (windows) of a modern building.

[picture: Stone balconies]

Stone balconies

Curved balconies on the corner of a building, with stone balustrades. Some of them have flowers.

[picture: Polish architecture]

Polish architecture

The buildings are often painted on the outside in ways that accentuate the windows or other details.

[picture: Entranceway]


A stone arched entrance in the classic style, with heavy wooden doors and an arched window.

[picture: Another Entranceway]

Another Entranceway

With an arched stone surround and a heavy wooden double door with glass acting as mirrors. Or possibly mirrors. The position of the drain with its grating seems particularly unfortunate here. [more...]

[picture: More painted buildings]

More painted buildings

Or another view of the same ones.

[picture: Side street]

Side street

With parked cars.

[picture: Statue in the Park]

Statue in the Park


[picture: Bridge Peple]

Bridge Peple

Some of the people who were at the LGM conference.

[picture: Two boats]

Two boats

A canoe and a boat on the river.

[picture: Goplana boat]

Goplana boat

A boat named Goplana on the river. There are two other boats in the background.

[picture: Apartment building ad]

Apartment building ad

An advert painted on the end of a riverside apartment building with people in fake rooms.

[picture: River Dock]

River Dock

The cobbled quayside, with a boat and an old brick industrial building in the background.

[picture: Graffiti]


Some cute graffiti.

[picture: Underpass People.]

Underpass People.

A binch of shoe-wearers entering a graffiti-covered underpass; graffiti on the right says “graffiti shop.”

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