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A day in Wrocław (page 5/5)

[picture: Underpass Creature]

Underpass Creature

Graffiti in the underpass.

[picture: Church]


An unidentified religious building.

[picture: Cobbles]


A study in patterns and depth of field.

[picture: Bollards and Cobbles 1]

Bollards and Cobbles 1

Square cobble-stones in a path; thre are weeds growing between them.

[picture: Bollards and Cobbles 2]

Bollards and Cobbles 2

A study in patterns and depth of field.

[picture: Bollards and Cobbles 3]

Bollards and Cobbles 3

A study in patterns and depth of field.

[picture: Old entrance-way 1]

Old entrance-way 1

A stone entranceway; all that’s left of this building is one wall though, I think.

[picture: Old entrance-way 2]

Old entrance-way 2

A carved stone head on top of the remains of a arched stone entrance.

[picture: Carved head]

Carved head

Another carved head on the top of an arch.

[picture: The Hotel Panorama]

The Hotel Panorama

The glass window-wall of the hotel reflects an old church.

[picture: Wrocław Street]

Wrocław Street

A busy cobbled city street with traffic and, in the distance, a tower from a Basilica or church.

[picture: Pigeon 1]

Pigeon 1

A bird.

[picture: Pigeon 2]

Pigeon 2

It’s still a bird.

[picture: Wires, Church, Buildings]

Wires, Church, Buildings

And an underpass entrance.

[picture: Japan comes to Poland]

Japan comes to Poland

Two beautiful Japanese people.

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