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Typewriters from the Martin Howard Collection (page 8/8)

[picture: Smith Premier 1 (1890) 5: caption]

Smith Premier 1 (1890) 5: caption

Smith Premier 1 (1890)
L.C. Smith Gun Co., Syracuse, New York, USA [more...]

[picture: Smith Premier 1 (1890) 6: caption]
[picture: Smith Premier 1 (1890) 7: links]

Smith Premier 1 (1890) 7: links

The type rods and linkages of this Victorian-era typewriter.

[picture: Remington 2 (1885) 1]

Remington 2 (1885) 1

The Remington typewriter from 1885, sitting on a Victorian writing-desk.

[picture: Remington 2 (1885) 2]

Remington 2 (1885) 2

Another view of this Victorian writing-desk.

[picture: Remington 2 (1885) 3: caption]

Remington 2 (1885) 3: caption

Remington 2 (1885)
Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, New York, USA [more...]

[picture: Exhibition Sign 1]

Exhibition Sign 1

This exhibit has been organized by the Royal Ontario Museum in cooperation with Martin Howard. All typewriters on display come from the Martin Howard Collection. [...]www.antiquetypewriters.com [more...]

[picture: Writer at his desk]

Writer at his desk

An early photograph of a writer, complete with a typewriter sitting on a table with a wrought-iron base rather like a sewing-machine table.

[picture: Cowboy with typewriter]

Cowboy with typewriter

Being English, I think anyone with a moustache like that and a hat is a cowboy.

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