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Antwerp: Plantin-Moretus Museum (page 2/23)

[picture: The Plantin-Moretus Museum, front view]

The Plantin-Moretus Museum, front view

The Plantin-Moretus Museum, front view; it was once the residence of a noble family in the city.

[picture: My Ohm]

My Ohm

A sign in a shop near the museum.

[picture: Museum Sign]

Museum Sign

The sign outside the Pantin-Moretus Museum (English portion) describes how this museum has been designated as a cultural site on the World Heritage List. [more...]

[picture: The Printing Room]

The Printing Room

The printing Room was in use from 1580 until the 1870s.

[picture: Stained Glass Window]

Stained Glass Window

This little inset into a window in the Printing room names Christoffel Plantyn [Christopher Plantin], and gives the date 1589.

[picture: Chair]


Modern art: Jan Cox cast in polyester by Albert Szukalski, 1976.

[picture: caption for Chair]

caption for Chair

Albert Szukalski, Jan Cox, polyester, 1976.

[picture: Dutch fireplace]

Dutch fireplace

A fireplace with a surround made from Dutch of Belgian (Flemish?) ceramic tiles.

[picture: painting 1]

painting 1

A painting.

[picture: wooden window shutters]

wooden window shutters

window shutters, blurred

[picture: painting 2]

painting 2

An unidentified oil painting.

[picture: courtyard with formal garden]

courtyard with formal garden

The courtyard at the Plantin-Moretus House in Antwerp has a sundial and formal gardens bordered by short hedges, probably of yew or box. The walls have casement windows set in [...] [more...]

[picture: Plantin-Moretus Statuette of a Lion]

Plantin-Moretus Statuette of a Lion

An heraldic lion bearing shields.

[picture: modern art]

modern art

Probably by Albert Szukalski and Jan Cox.

[picture: Bost of Moretus]

Bost of Moretus

“Joannes Jac. Moretus B. F.
MDCCLVII” [1757]

[picture: Down-pipe and lamp]

Down-pipe and lamp

With hand-made bricks and leaded windows.

[picture: Autumn Rose]

Autumn Rose

A rose with a romantic 18th century courtyard bhind it.

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[picture: img_2898]
[picture: img_2900]

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