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Toronto: Unsorted photos from August 2004 (page 17/17)

[picture: King Edward Hotel niche]

King Edward Hotel niche

A plant pot in a niche in the wall has trailing tendrils. This is a fancy hotel on King Street East in Toronto.

[picture: king Edward Hotel niche 2]

king Edward Hotel niche 2

A closer view. The plaque mentions that the hotel was built in 1903.

[picture: Fields Institute]

Fields Institute

The Fields Institute is well-known to mathematicians the world over. Here is the entrance.

[picture: Fields Institute 2]

Fields Institute 2

With the sign more readable.

[picture: Fields Institute 3]

Fields Institute 3

It’s carved into the wall, too, in monumental lettering.

[picture: Toronto alleyway]

Toronto alleyway

A green alley between buildings in Toronto.

[picture: Garden chairs]

Garden chairs

I don’t remember where this quiet back garden was. You can buy chairs like that (unpainted) at Canadian Tire.

[picture: Rosette]


This one is on Pauper’s on Bloor Street West, just West of Spadina.

[picture: I love you]

I love you

Grafitti in Toronto saying “I love you” although not naming anyone in particular.

[picture: blurry bike rack]

blurry bike rack

I think it’s a very long bike rack but I don’t remember.

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